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Old 4th August 2018, 19:28
louisepearl louisepearl âíå ôîðóìà
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Czech Republic

I am an independent escort based in Prague and perhaps my insight adds value to this forum.
With Love,
Louise Pearl

Prostitution in CZ is currently in grey zone - neither legal nor illegal. If you are an independent escort offering services nobody will punish you for that, (well, maybe your mom will ) same as if you are client seeking for a company.
Pimping is fully illegal.

What I hear, we shall be approximately 4.000 girls in Prague area - the information is however from non-verified source.

Starting from the street workers - female providers may be found close to Karlovo Namesti - mostly they are drug addicts and not clean. It is a well-known fact that male street sex workers are often located around the main train station & that many of them are HIV positive.
Red light district in Prague is in the street called Ve Smeckach, the upper part of Wenceslas square, you may find Sexy Sauna, Darling Cabaret & a few more in there.

In the evening guys, primarily from Nigeria are nearby, trying to persuade tourists to go to these clubs since they get I think 200 CZK share from the entrance fee. Quite often they will also try to cross-sell by offering you weed...
Then there is a Showpark, with its two locations - one Prague 7 and the other affiliate at P2 close to I.P.Pavlova red metro stop. I am not able to have an opinion on the SW employed in these clubs and where they come from. Mostly I read it is about a quick tension release, what I also read, that not that many Czech women are to be experienced in those clubs.

Private Flats - this is probably the broadest offer on the market, I think at the moment there is price 1.500 CZK per hour of basic covered sex, many providers then charge 500 CZK extra/per services such: BBBJ, kissing, fingering, anal... These flats are located across all the city, sometimes there is one girl in the flat, sometimes there is a bunch of them and when the customer calls, he may choose the one he is interested in, in case she is working, of course. It is common for a sex worker to have around 8-10 clients every day.

Be aware, these providers never work for long in the same flat, they change them, same as they change their names - mostly due to gaining new clientele. Some of those girls are very good, some of them very bad - there are several directories dedicated to CZ and used by CZ men only, I would love to share them here for you, but don't want to get banned for sharing other review board. It is also common, if the customer doesn't like the girl or her attitude - to tell her she ain't his type and leave - there is no money charged in this case.

Escorts in general:
- be careful with various agencies - TINEYE shall be your friend, many photos are fake, don't get scammed
- girls from brothels may be also ordered to your hotel
=> with both options above, I would be slightly worried about the level of discreetness at hotel, PLEASE never ever try to look for escort friendly hotels, where the key card is not needed - it is there for your safety, when ordering an escort, always meet them in a lobby, or not willing to drag any attention? Meet directly in front of the hotel - all hotels have cameras there anyway - in case something happened it will be recorded.
Should You wish to be even more discreet, meet in a nearby coffee place, if there is a match and you wish to continue to the hotel, let your escort walk on the other side of the pavement, or after you and jump only into the same elevator when going up to the room.
In case you need to be super super discreet, when the girl arrives, please call reception and state you expect a guess and the bell boy shall be able to accompany the girl to your room. Or just agree with bell boy beforehand. As a student, I used to part-time work in one of the 4-star hotels in Prague and our bell boys were so happy with those arrangements, since they always got tips
Independent Providers:
Recently I started to notice more and more "independent providers", BUT when I looked closely - they mostly had many friends and in the end, it linked to one agency, however, each escort had their own website created like if they were independent - tricky, right...
Also several of my clients have in the past ordered an "independent escort" with reasonably verified reviews & her friend came instead - `the friend` several times admitted the mentioned independent escort not only provides service by herself but also double books = never rejects & keep sending her friends who look a bit alike her. To earn more by getting the commission from them.
My recommendation would be to always have a proper dialogue with the independent provider prior to the actual meeting happens, WhatsApp calls & emails are my favorites, due to the encryption and nontraceability.

No matter what level of service you look for - stay safe & have a great time.
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Old 17th August 2018, 19:34
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Thumbs up Re: Czech Republic

Nice posting, appreciate!
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