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Old 2nd December 2017, 12:01
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Sweden 2017

My working in Sweden 2016 and spring 2017:

The police in Sweden works actively in keeping the amount of sex business down.
They do not work for catching the clients other than marginally.
They do not work for protecting or helping sex working women.
Instead the police persecutes and molest the sex working women. This is done by making it impossible to find a place, a room in which to live and work.

I have made several working visits before to different parts of Sweden but not Stockholm. I do not list them here. I start the list from Uppsala after which I then continued twice to Stockholm:

Visits 1-3:

I had worked in Uppsala maybe three times, always in the same hotel.
Once I had went to Stockholm after Uppsala and worked there at a hotel as well.

Visit 4:

I came again to Uppsala in May 2017 and Stockholm directly after that. I had put adverts in advance for the both places so it was possible to see that I was coming to Stockholm after Uppsala.

When I was in Uppsala I received several calls asking in which place or hotel I am available from persons who did not come to meet me.
Also a couple callers were very keen in knowing to which hotel in Stockholm I am coming to.
I gave them all the correct information about the places.
The hotel in Stockholm was the same where I had worked the previous time, too.
Working in Uppsala went without problems.

I changed to Stockholm and worked there. I noticed I was under the observation of the police and that they also tried to make problems for me; anyhow I do not specify more about it now.

My working in Sweden in Autumn 2017:

Normally I have visited Sweden for only one weeks time and had some months between the visits.
This autumn I made three visits one week each, with only one week between the visits.
I have avoided the County of Stockholm as I know the police there has been allocated special resources for molesting girls. At other places I have felt quite safe so far.

5th visit: Gävle + Borlänge 20-27/9:

Everything went fine. I was working without specific precautions.

6th visit first part: Uppsala 05/10 2017:

One week after leaving Borlänge I came again to Sweden.
I had put out internet- adverts a couple of days in advance telling that I am coming to Uppsala on the 5/11.

I came to a hotel in Uppsala in the evening 4/11 2017. I had worked there previously about half a dozen times during two-three years time without any problems.
Always before I had got a room at the upper floor which is more quiet and where it is easy to see if someone is hanging around and making observations.

Now for the first time I got a room downstairs at the entrance level. There it was easy to observe without me noticing the entrance of the corridor along which my room was located.
This was a little odd for me, but I thought that maybe it depends on changes in the regular client program rules: the right to have the room upgraded for free had been removed. -Anyway it felt strange.

During my earlier visits I had received every time some phone calls where I was asked about my location, in which hotel I stay. Also had had every time some No Show -bookings so some persons who did not have any intention to visit me got to know where I stayed.

Apparently this room change was done so that the police, probably in Stockholm where they have resources for molesting sex workers, had seen my advert, knew in which hotel I used to work, (in my case also knew who I am = which name I use in the hotel —> which room I have), had contacted the hotel and told them to give me a room which was easy to observe, and after that contacted the local police in Uppsala.

It was very silent. Had one no-show booking at 15 o´clock (client number S1218, new for for me). I had told him which hotel I stay at. It is very possible that this call was made by the police.

One hour later at 16 hours came my first client, a young man who paid and got service from me, and went.
-I used my normal procedure to take him in: first I only told the name of the hotel and street adress. When he had came outside the hotel (which I did not control but just relied on when he said “I´m outside”) I gave him my room number.
- I used a Danish Skype OnLine phone number: client calls a Danish phone number, the call goes to internet in Denmark and I answered using my computer. This procedure makes it probable that the Swedish police did not get information by listening my calls about when my clients are coming.

About twenty minutes after he had gone came two female persons in civil clothes and knocked my door. They presented themselves to be polices.
They asked to enter my room which I denied. Instead I had to come out to the corridor where we continued discussing.
Before coming out I went to my phones and switched them to silent mode. The polices did not like at all me doing this. My idea in doing this that if they call my working number and my phone rings, it shows that I have that working number. I wanted to prevent this proof happening.

They controlled my identity card very closely.
Then they asked why I am in Sweden? I answered plainly with one word “tourist”.
They asked if there is anyone else in my room, I did not answer to this question (there wasn´t anyone).
They told me that the they had watched the client come and leave my room, catched and interrogated him and that he had confessed buying sexual services and paying 1500 SEK for them.
The police had also checked (or confiscated?) his phone and checked that there were calls to my number in the advert.

They told me that I am not suspected of anything but that I am considered as a witness (=my juridical position so far).
They asked me some questions and I answered “I do not know what You are talking about” to them all.
They asked me to give them my phones in order that they can check the call lists. I refused to do this. Instead I tried to enter my room to switch them and my computer completely off. They prevented me opening the room door by using physical violence.

They wanted to enter my room which I refused by saying: “only if You have the permission document for home raid”.
They threatened by saying that they may take the phones anyway as well as take me to the police station for interrogation. -(They did not mention deportation).
I criticised them for threatening and using physical violence when preventing me to enter my room, when I was a so called “witness”. They answered that “we do not threat, we just tell what is going to happen if…”. -If that is not threatening, in my opinion, then that is blackmailing.

They said that they had seen the client enter and leave my room.
-That means that they were observing constantly just my room without knowing exactly when a client should be coming, when they probably did not have access to listen to my calls and messages.
Finally they said that they have enough evidence anyhow when the man had confessed everything and calls to my phone number were found in his call lists, too.
-During this time someone from the hotel personnel passing by expressed something hostile to the polices (against them).

After that they asked for my adress and private phone number, which I gave them.
Finally they ended being very polite, thanked me for co-operation and shook my hand and left.

Ten minutes after this two of the hotel personnel came and asked me to leave the premises in 30 minutes (which they were obliged to do by the police).
I was lucky to get a refund for the unused days to my credit card account.

The following day the client received a text message to his phone from an unknown number giving him information about that he can be fined only if he confesses when no other proof of payment nor sex is available, and that he can easily draw back his confession.
It would be impossible to prove that we had exchanged sexual services and money in the privacy of the room.
Now I wait to see if they call me to the court to witness something. I do not expect this to happen.

6th visit, second part: Stockholm / Älvsjö

From Uppsala I changed to Stockholm / Älvsjö. It was the first time in this suburb I was there for work.
I stayed first two nights at the same hotel chain than in Uppsala. I had booked a “superior” room and got one that was well located, should someone have been following me I would have noticed that easily.
I answered all calls without revealing where I stayed, instead said that “come to … and call me again from there”. -The place was one I could easily observe from distance and there were several hotels and apartments close by.
Maybe because of this I could work without disturbations and everything went well.
-Of course the police could have come to the place, observed people who come and stand there with a phone in their hand and after that followed them. But apparently the police does not like to leave their writing desk, other than for well prepared cases that are sure to result to throwing the sex worker out.

Originally I had intended to stay on this hotel for two nights more, but after incident in Uppsala I cancelled the two nights in this hotel and booked another place very close by and continued working there using the same method, and everything went fine. After that I left Sweden.

The essential fact for me for this visit in Sweden is that now it had been proved and documented that I sell sexual services (in hotels). -That has had severe future consequences for me as You can read later.

The police can now molest and hit me directly without collecting anymore previous proof, and make my continued working in Sweden difficult, if not impossible.

What had happened?

-I had visited a number of times the town before. Not very often but using every time the same working identity in my adverts and the same hotel.
This time, too, I had an advert in advance telling which days I am going to be available.
-I suppose that the police noticed this, contacted the hotel which they knew from the previous times I am going to use and told them to give me a room which they can easily observe without me noticing that.
-I used a foreign Skype OnLine -number for receiving the calls so it is very unlikely that the police could have listened my calls.
Anyway I had had several calls where I had revealed which hotel I stay at (I was not pre-cautious when I did not expect anything to happen when I was outside Stockholm County, where the police has resources against girls), so it is possible that the cops had got the hotel name by just calling me and pretending to be a client, this time as well.
Anyway it would have been impossible for the cops to find any client calls from my usual phone call lists!
-Of course the police can access call lists also through domestic and foreign phone operators as well as Skype, but that would cause them so much extra work that it is not probable that they, in long run anyhow, want to waste their resources to this.

Things to be improved:

In case the police wants to arrive into my room:
-In future I have to switch the Skype in my phone and computer to such mode that it does not automatically log in when the phone or computer is switched on, but asks the password every time.
-After that, before I open the door for suspected possible police: looking through door eye, two persons without time reservation made knocking the door, I must shut my phones and computer (or log out from the call accounts used). (The computer goes to password protected mode just by closing the lid).
Preparing the client:
-During every client meeting it would be advisable to help the client to erase the girls work number number from the call lists of the client´s phone.
-And tell him not to confess 1) sex or 2) giving money, should something happen; alternatively agree with him of delivering only non-erotic massage or strip tease without physical contact.
-Informing him that there is no risk of court claim to be raised in the lack of sufficient proof.
When visiting other girls the client must also take care that the girl erases the clients number from her working phone call lists.
-It is also in the girls interests to participate because if “paying for sex” is not confirmed, then the girl can not be outcast from the hotel/apartment, nor deported.

Later it showed that the police continued harassing me on my later visits, using this obtained proof from Uppsala of my sex working as a base to their persecutions.

7th visit: Örebro + Linköping 18/10 2017:

One week after leaving Stockholm I came again to Sweden to Örebro on the evening 18/10 2017. I stayed at the same hotel chain than in Uppsala. At this particular hotel I had not stayed ever before.

I started working on the morning after and during the day had three clients.

At 7 PM one woman and a man (=hotel chains security chief, as it showed later) knocked at my door. I opened and they showed me my advert on a lap top computer, stated that it was my photos (my face was visible in the photos), and told me to leave the hotel.

It is obvious that the police was not on place but had followed me from distance, maybe also called my phone number, too, and after that contacted the security chief, sent him my adverts web addresses and pushed him to throw me out.

This time the police did not need to know my room number when I had checked in using my usual identity, neither they needed to prove that I was sex working when I used my already known and familiar advert with the same photos, working name and phone number as before, and I was caught for sex working in Uppsala already.

One night after Örebro I checked in to an apartment hotel in Linköping. I had made the booking at the previous or same day for three nights from Friday to Monday. I worked successfully there on Saturday and Sunday. At that time the apartment company´s office was closed. If the police had during that time tried to reach the personnel of that company; maybe they couldn't`t reach anybody. Or maybe the police was not on duty during the week end. I left on Monday without having had any problems.

There was also video surveillance in the premises so they could afterwards control that I had had visitors, which all according to the rules were prohibited at all times.

Later (on Tuesday) I received a phone call from which I could conclude that the police had rapported the apartment company about my working there.

On Monday I continued working in Linköping but changed to a hotel which I had booked a long time ago. It was again the same hotel chain as in Uppsala and Örebro.

I checked in around 15 o´clock. The room I was given was located on the same floor as the reception and easy to observe.
First I thought to continue working there (it would have been possible by using a couple of tricks) but then I decided not to.

Around 18 o´clock the chains security chief knocked on my room´s door together with another male member of the personnel. -He had came all the way from Örebro to Linköping after me.

He showed me my advert again at his laptop; it that was out for Linköping. He told me to get out and not come back again.

After that I checked in to another hotel in Linköping for two nights using my usual identity; my flight home was leaving after that.

I decided to start working on the day after and then only with outcalls and car- and outdoor sex, that is: not to receive visitors at my place. -This went surprisingly well, I had some clients also this way. -In order to secure getting bookings I had sank the prices a little, too.

What sex workers can learn from these cases:

-Do not visit Sweden very often during a short time; have intervals in between the visits. Maybe then cops do not start molesting You.
If You want to work in Sweden for a longer period than a few visits, then:
-Avoid Stockholm County
-When You start visiting Stockholm, make a separate identity including completely different photographs for these visits, as well as new advertising site girl identity number.
All cities:
-Do not use photographs where You are recognisable
-Do not give Your hotel name or exact adress directly away, ever!
-Give more information about Your location only when You can see the client or meet him outside and at a distance from Your place.
-Another option is to work only with outcalls and proven known clients.
-Use contact channels with clients which the police can not (easily) listen/follow, such as foreign Skype OnLIne number, KIK -text chat (=popular among Swedish clients), WhatsApp etc. -Do not use a normal phone at all.
-Do not make “coming soon” -adverts
-Keep constantly changing and using new hotels and apartments
-Book a “Superior” -room so You are not likely to have a room which is too easy for others to observe. -And watch for observers!
-Book room/apartment using fake identities and when You change hotel/apartment, use every time another name, so the police can not follow You when the hotels send reports of their visitors to the police. -If the hotel personnel asks for the identity card which You do not have You may lose the room. Normally they do not ask. Should the police ask, same thing with the room. But usually nothing else, no fines.
-Use anonymous pre paid credit cards when cash is not an option
-When meeting the client ask him to erase Your number from his phones call lists, and do the same in Your own phone
-Swedish men are too honest (and stupid) in that they normally confess paying for sex! (They are threatened by claiming that the thing becomes public during a process in court if they do not confess and pay the fine.) Because of this You must educate and instruct the clients every time that
-He must NOT confess neither 1) sex nor 2) payment!
-Or agree with him that it was only massage or strip tease without contact xx minutes for yy SEK.
-Point him that without proof there comes no prosecution!
If You want to be even more careful:
-Create a new identity for You for every visit You come to Sweden (maybe even for every time and town You visit?): new working name, contact number, photographs, advert text style, personal details in advert, maybe also slight price changes
-Create also a new identity at advertising web sites so that the police can not follow You just by following Your website advertiser identity number (may be difficult at some websites; in case stop using those ones).
If the police comes:
-If someone knocks on Your door without You expecting that, and if they are two persons, before opening the door log Yourself out of Your Skype etc account and close Your computer lid (hopefully You have the password protection switched on) so that Your call lists do not become accessible even though the police restarts Your phone and computer.
-If the police asks You something, answer only: “I do not remember”, “I do not know”, to ALL their questions (except questions about Your identity and the reason why You are visiting Sweden (=tourist)).
Doing all this maybe You can
avoid the first time being catched by the police for taking paid for sex. -If You have already been catched once then You do not have to care about erasing call lists or client education, except if You want to protect the clients (which You should do).

undepending the previous, still continue working in Sweden.
Sweden is a profitable place to work: nice clients and good prices.
It is also important to show that the discrimination of women and sex workers can not stop the market!

The politicians act immorally when they claim that Sexköpslag is for catching the clients and protecting women from exploitation and violence, and at same time they let the police persecute and molest the women by throwing them out from hotels and apartments, and at the same time doing almost nothing against the clients!
I am a Fair Sex Trade Woman:
sexual services at equal terms!

Jag är en Fair Sex Trade -kvinna:
sexuella tjänster på lika villkor!

Olen Fair Sex Trade -nainen:
seksipalveluita tasavertaisin ehdoin!
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Re: Sweden 2017

I would also add, that if you have been kicked out from lets say Scandic hotel, dont use this hotel chain again, if in another country. Their blacklist is shared within all their hotels. Dont use for booking the same email, credit card or phone number you used when you have been kicked out.
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