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Old 20th January 2017, 11:48
slavetoto slavetoto âíå ôîðóìà
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slavetoto is on a distinguished road
Freya the real true Mistress

Hello again ! Yesterday was my third and my last session with mistress Freya. Unfortunately I've lost her because I am stupid so stupid. I like feet but I am not a slave.. by the way she gave me ( slave toto ) in spite of I didn't like it and will not like it. I like to be dominated hard by girls also. Anyway It was amazing yesterday Freya is well aware of what to do . How to deal with her ( client ). And why am I writing her just now hmm . I know there are many guys as me like foot fetish thing, and want a mistress ! Yea , So I recommend you Freya . She is beautiful nice cute cruel , know what she has to do, no even a second go in vain during the session . But you have to be too obedient to make her satisfy . I am so sad because of I am no more welcome there . I am such a stupid loser. I don't know how to talk or to deal with ladies. I have met many mistresses her in Stockholm ... but I didn't enjoy my time ..why ? because they were fake ! escort .. or don't know what to do .. or have ugly bad feet .. but Freya was good enough to make me think of her every single moment after the session and during it.. I had it 3 times .. But no more unfortunately no more . What next for me ?
I will never look for another mistress... No mistress will match you my mistress Freya no one ! It's not about hair color no way. It's about you when you find yourself want to go to her again and again. Be under her feet kiss them being slapped hard being trampled like a bug. Being dominated by her angel Freya.. I can't believe that I am not allowed to meet you again
I am stupid but not a cheater. I am reliable one. You know me very well.
I wish I had not this curse ( fetish ) thing. You know how much I adore you and love you ( as a mistress ) . I will miss you.
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Old 22nd January 2017, 22:05
slavetoto slavetoto âíå ôîðóìà
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2016
Posts: 10
slavetoto is on a distinguished road
Re: Freya the real true Mistress

Please admin delete this thread , It's hard to find out how to delete it. I searched everywhere but in vain . Thanks !
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