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Old 8th December 2016, 21:23
kplus kplus âíå ôîðóìà
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2016
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kplus is on a distinguished road Selena the bitch

Selena suomen kuumimmat tytötfi kustaankatu 6, helsinki such a bitch she is.

I have visited hotgirls in Helsinki last week and booked a time with the hot girl Selena for 30 minutes paid 50 euro at the reception.

Selena entered the room and said, if you want to touch me, there is an extra charge to pay 30 euros. I checked my pockets and found only 25 euros. Then I said, I will pay what I have, Selena said 30€ and I told will just watch the show, no need to touch. Again she told 30€, with such a rude attitude and whore face.

She performed for 5 minutes and complained that she is unhappy, since I haven't paid the 30€ and started arguing and told she will leave the room.

Such a whore, simply wasted another 10 minutes, talking in Finnish and bullshit English. Finally she left the room and complained to the reception in Finnish, I don't understand what the fuck she spoke.

I came out of the room, then reception shouted, hey don't come here again. Such a worst place and lousy hot girl is Selena, they just want free money without any performance, very disappointed with the meeting.
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Old 17th February 2017, 23:36
Noora25 Noora25 âíå ôîðóìà
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Join Date: Feb 2017
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Noora25 is on a distinguished road
Re: Selena the bitch

Hei,etsin omaa kultaaOlethan vapaa,niinkuin minäkin ja haluat suhteen lopun elämän kestävän..
Sinuun olisi mukava tutustua ja katsoa olisiko kemiaa ja toivoa yhdessä olemiseen?
Rehellistä,huumorintajuista ja komeaa miestä etsin.
Olen nätti,nuorekas nainen.Pidän itsestäni huolta
Voi olla väärä paikka sinua etsiä,mutta jos sinä löydät minut täältä kuitenkin.
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