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Instructions for placing an advertisement on escort list


To place your advertisement on escort or private list, you need to register yourself to get your user name and password. You need to have email address, where your password will be sent. Don’t worry! You can still stay anonymous if you are using for example hotmail.

Using advertisement maintenance:

When you have registered yourself in to the service by using your user name and password (from email), you can use the following services:

- Profile (your own user name will be in the link)

In the profile you can change your data.
- Place an advertisement

Fill in the data you want to give of yourself and add the pictures. Note! You can not place the advertisement if you don’t have credits. Credits you can buy from here.

- Advertisement (advertisement name will be in the link)

With this function you can edit your advertisement and add pictures to your advertisement.

- List

With this function you get list of all advertisements with your username. You can have several advertisements same time. The list will show yu data from your advertisement: Country, Name,City,Telephone,Calender and how many days the advertisement is visible.
- Calendar (link is with every advertisement)

With this function you can choose the visible advertisement dates. Cost per day is one credit. By clicking a selected date it will turn up yellow. Present day shows up as orange. You can cancel the advertisement date by clicking the desired date, if the date isn't the present day you will get your credit back.
- Buy more credits

This function allows you to buy credits. Credits can then be used for purchasing escort and privat advertisement days. One credit represents one day of advertisement, thus the price for one day of advertisement being 10€. Payment can be done by advance payment. You can buy credits from here.

- Log out

With this function you can log out from the service. You must close your browser too.